Salon Acrylic French Nail by KISS

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Acrylic-infused nails deliver a flawless French manicure that costs less than a salon.

Acrylic-infused technology delivers a flawless French manicure that’s 2X stronger than other brands. The easy-to-apply nails go on with a seamless cuticle line so they look natural, and have a perfect French smile line that’s consistent on every nail!

Nail Type:

  • Length: Short, Medium, Long
  • French Line Thickness: Thin,Thick,Extra Thick
  • Smile Lines: Soft Curve, Curve, Straight
  • Bed Color: Clear, Natural Pink, Deep Pink

What you'll get:

  • 28 French Nails in 14 Sizes
  • Pink Gel Glue (2g)
  • Mini File
  • Manicure Stick